Elephant Garlic (Allium ampeloprasum)

Elephant garlic (separate group Allium ampeloprasum). With garlic flower always straight. He is very different from the others. Closer to the leek genetically. It is divided between 3 and 8 very irregular pods ranging from 1 to 7 cm wide. Its garlic flower can give a large starry ponpon, which makes it a decorative attribute. It produces a few fertile corms (look like bulbils) at the roots and inside the first level of peel. Grows very well in hot climates but still gives good yields in our latitudes.

How to use

Elephant garlic has its own taste that is difficult to describe. It is between garlic and leek. The enormous size of its cloves makes it a convenient choice for roasting. With an earthy taste, it benefits from being seasoned, simmered or stewed. It is believed to be easier to digest than real garlic. Its conservation is remarkable with more than 12 months of aging.

Price and formats

  • Medium bulbs pack : 3$ each / 10 pack, 2,50$ each / 50 pack
  • Large bulbs pack : 3,50$ each / 10 pack, 3 each for 50 pack
  • XL bulbs pack : 4$ each / 10 pack, 3,50$ each / 50 pack
  • Jumbo bulbs pack : 5,50$ each / 10 pack, 5$ each / 50 pack
  • Colossal bulbs pack : 7$ each / 10 pack, 6,50$ each / 50 pack

Flavour intensity

Taste very different from others. More mineral. Gains to be seasoned.

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